Sunday, August 5, 2012

Poor Neglected Blog

Wow I can't believe I have not blogged since May.

It's been a whirlwind of events, one after another!  Since my blog, I have lost a total of 7 kilos, changed jobs, celebrated my birthday, said goodbye to one of my besties who is travelling around Europe til October, one of my besties had her baby which is a BOY, had many catch ups with friends, had my work End of Year ball, planned yet another Bali trip, and have now started planning a trip to Europe for September/October 2013.  Phewwwwwwwwwwwwww

Planning my trip to Europe for next year has been fun! I'm going with of my good friends, a 3 and a bit week jaunt around Europe: Perth - Paris - Barcelona - Rome - Athens - Krakow - Munich - Amsterdam - Reykjavik - London - Perth. I am so looking forward to Europe (yes yes I know it's well over a year away)

Europe 2007

I'm back into my cooking again, my new addiction in soups.  I have made so many different soups as we have "Soup Sunday" at my place, so the challenge is to try a new soup every night.  Tonight is Chilli Beef Noodle Soup. Can't wait for dinner

I promise to update my blog more often RATHER than a short but sweet summary every 2 months.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bad Bad Week

I have avoiding blogging ALL week.... I'm not proud of myself this week.  It's been a tough week, I've found it very hard to say no.

Monday - Work function, dinner a restaurant made cheeseburger and chips - no exercise
Tuesday - Normal dinner - 30 minutes of exercise
Wednesday - Catching up with friends - dinner a restaurant - cheeseburger and chips AGAIN  - no exercise
Thursday - Worked late - Weight Watchers frozen meal - no exercise
Friday - Dinner at home - Catch up with a friend, banana split for desert - 20 minutes of exercise
Saturday - Lunch out with my besties, another poor choice - Dinner out with mum, dad, and my boyfriend for Mothers Day, Pepperoni Pizza plus shared dessert with mum - no exercise
Sunday - Potato and Leek soup, home made - 50 minutes of exercise

I am definitely not looking forward to Monday's weigh in.

I think I have come to the conclusion that I am going to write off this week as just having a bad, bad week and start fresh on Monday.

I feel awful towards myself with the week I have had, and about all the poor choices I have made towards food, I haven't even been eating breakfast all week either.  Not sure why I have fallen off the bandwagon this week, but the lack of exercise and all the poor choices have made me feel tired and sluggish.

I guess the scales will let me know how bad my choices have been BUT at least I can start fresh and keep on my weight loss journey!!!

Onwards and Upwards!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

20 Things Every Girl Should Carry in their Handbag

Since my handbag was stolen this week, I am having to go through and replace everything in my handbag (including the handbag, but since I have over 100 bags, I don't have to RUSH out and buy a new one..... YET....)

So I have complied a list of 20 things EVERY GIRL should carry in their handbags

1. Necessary  items - Purse, keys and phone, these are things that HAVE to be in there to get through life

2. Compact mirror - necessary to touch up make up or to apply lip gloss

3. Lip Gloss - Clear is probably the best option, goes with everything

4. Chap Stick with SPF 15+ - great for chapped lips OR if you have run out of gloss

5. Panadol - speaks for itself, never know when a headache is going to pop up

6. Pen & Notepad - always great if you need to jot down something

7. Band Aids - great for when you get blisters from your stilettos

8. Small Perfume - great if you have to go out after work and wanna smell pretty again

9. Moisteriser - great for use on your hands, or if your skirt has static

10. Tissues - use is obvious

11. Pads & Tampons - again use is obvious, we women can't leave home without them

12. Hair Ties & Clips - great to change a hairstyle from day to night or if your hair is just plain annoying you

13. Small Brush - again great to fix your hairstyle

14.  Hand Sanitiser - I never leave home without this, always feel like my hands are dirty

15. Deodorant - needed if you have to go out after work and need to freshen up

16. Make up - always needed to touch your makeup during the day (I carry a seperate set of make up from my every day one to be used for touch ups)

17. Snack - I always carry a muesli bar or something similar to snack on in case I don't have a chance to eat

18. Mints/Gum - fresh breath is a necessity

19. Small Water Bottle - never leave home without water to keep you hydrated

20. Headphones - for me I use mine to always speak on the phone but great if you are caught and wanna listen to some tunes

Gees no wonder womens handbags are always so heavy, we have to carry so much around!!!!!

Let me know anything else you carry in your bag!!

My 1st Stumble

Every Saturday night is date night with my boyfriend, and last night was my 1st real test on WW.  

We decided to do dinner and movie.  Dinner...... gees that was HARD!!! My partner absolutely loves Chinese, and honestly this is a tough one to work out the points for (curse myself for NOT buying the Eating Out guide beforehand cause I couldn't find a lot of the dishes on my iphone WW app)

Scanning the menu, and everything I would normally have is chicken and its usually battered damn it damn it damn it!!!! Pestered the waiter when they came to take our order to make sure that I knew how my chicken dish was prepared.  I think I chose well when I picked Chicken Breast with Special Garlic sauce. Add to that a very SMALL portion of fried rice and a little bit of Beef and Vegetable combination.  I think I chose well and kept my portion sizes down BUT it was sooooooooooo hard!!! 

I knew I had a lot of points left over from the day (I worked on Saturday and only had time for breakfast, lunch was missed due to being WAY too busy at work) 

Dessert has always been my downfall.... this is where I stumbled!! I knew the points value of Fried Ice Cream (this has to be one of my fav desserts) and I caved..... It was so good!! BUT alas after eating, guilt set in...... All I thought about for the rest of the night was the fried ice cream.

Movies.......well I kept telling myself before that I didn't need to eat anything whilst at the movies. I had decided that I'll have a bottle of water, well I caved again and had a handful of Maltesers.  I knew that I had my 49 bonus points which I have not touched any of since I started at WW but I like knowing I don't need them. More guilt sank in.....

GUILT GUILT GUILT GUILT hung over my head all night.  I enjoyed the movie but every time I spied the Maltesers packet next to me that my partner had finished, guilt came back!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh go away!!

I tracked all my points for the day and realised that I am under my points for the day but I know that some of the choices I have made were not the best choices but I look at it like WW is a lifestyle change not a diet so I need to be able to go out and enjoy myself and have foods that I like but they have to be SOMETIME foods, not every day foods like they use to be.

Today is a new day and I have planned to have a light points day and going to go for an extra long walk because my 2nd weigh in is tomorrow!!

Today is a new day!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On The Bright Side

Well as I blogged last nite, my night was a complete disaster, I was devastated about what happened to my car.  And the state of mood I was in, I was ready to pack the whole WW thing in, buy a burger and dessert (good thing that my purse was stolen and I had no cash) and stuff myself til I made myself sick. 

I managed to stay calm (well after a lot of sobbing on the phone to my lovely BF) and I stuck to my planned dinner.  I did not go over my points, which made me happy knowing I didn't cave to my emotions, which I have discovered was problem before; emotional eater.

I woke up this morning STILL pretty upset about my car being broken into and having EVERYTHING STOLEN, but alas a little luck or good fortune was on my side:
 - My work uniform was one of the things stolen, and I called up the uniform company and they are replacing it for free
- I also found out that due to my drivers license being stolen and having a police report, they replace your drivers license free of charge
- My damaged window on my car was also repaired free of charge due to my lot level of no claim bonus and I don't lose my no claim bonus either

Ok granted everything that was stolen isn't going to be replaced by my contents insurance so basically I'm outta pocket about $1000 to replace everything, but at least a few things have gone my way. It's not all completely doom and gloom!!

I have also managed to stick within my points today and even forced myself to go for a walk. 

Here's to sticking to my weight loss journey and not letting one bump in the road get me down!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I apologise in advance for my rant but I have to get it off my chest!!! (it doesn't have a lot to do with weight loss, well not really??)

Ok so tonight, I meet my friend at the South Perth foreshore for a quick 30 minute walk for our daily exercise routine, to come back and find that someone HAS BROKEN INTO MY CAR!!!!! I am trying to do the right thing and exercise and not even that is sacred!!!!

They stole the Guess handbag my boyfriend bought me in Bali, along with my Guess purse in it (and obviously everything associated with a full purse), my tiffany's ring was also in there which I had taken off to exercise.  They also stole my Guess carry on bag which had my stinky work uniform in, but the bag also had sentimental value as it's been on every holiday with me since 2007.

Seriously, what is wrong with people these days.  Everyone is at the South Perth foreshore, minding their own business and you can't even do that without people taking advantage. I'm guttered, I work hard to buy nice things and am lucky to be able to do that, and it's taken from you....

It puts me off wanting to exercise, and makes me wanna go and eat a whole block of chocolate and cry myself to sleep!!!!

Why do bad things always happen to good people???????

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 1 - Almost Over

D Day is tomorrow and I am dreading getting on the scales and seeing what lays ahead of me. It's been a great week and I sure have put my heart and soul into resisting temptation.  

I have craved chocolate ALL week and in my house resisting that temptation is VERY hard.  My boyfriend gave me a 1.15 Kilo box of Whitmans Chocolates for Easter, and my folks gave me mountains of chocolates as well, AS WELL as other giving me Lindt bunnies.... There is just soooooooooooo much chocolate.  Everyday I have had to see that damn box of Whitmans chocolates and I seriously could have sat down on friday night and eaten half the box!! But I am pleasantly surprised that I have had no chocolate this week (this is coming from a person who use to eat at least one chocolate bar everyday!!!)

Had a tough challenge last night at my friend's place for dinner last night.  We had a pretty healthy BBQ and I was careful of my portion sizes but I caved and ate a gluten free beef BBQ sausage and man it was so damn good, I could have eaten 10. Why oh why do bad foods taste so good???

I am also very happy with myself that I have not used any of my 49 weekly extra points or any of the points I have earned with exercise.  I hope I can keep this up? Hopefully the next few weeks with get easier for me?

Exercise, well that seems to have been quite easy for me.  Proud to say that I have exercised 4 times so far this week and I will be going for a walk with my mum this afternoon after the rain clears up.

Very excited about cooking dinner tonight. Will be making Spicy Tomato and Butternut soup, which is the in the week 1 cookbook.  It's zero points which excites me a lot, means I can have a bread roll with some low fat melted cheese to nibble on with it!  Will definitely report on the results on that.

Look forward to updating tomorrow after weigh in for the verdict!

Fingers crossed!!!